Application building in Smalltalk 1981. On a day in September, while I was commuting by train to work, I read about the Smalltalk programing language Smalltalk in a Byte computer magazine. Amazingly, now, almost 40 years later, you can actually read that same Byte magazine here:¬† It was so amazing that while reading about Smalltalk… Continue reading Smalltalk

iOS apps

I develop technical iOS and OSX apps For some years now, I have designed and build native applications for iPad and Iphone. { under construction} Experience Through the years, I have been making software, traversing the broad range from mainframe to mobile devices. I have worked on projects for banking,insurance, ERP software, legacy software conversion,… Continue reading iOS apps


Find everything you’d like to knowabout my iPad appsRavelNotes and RavelnotesBasichere: RavelNotes.